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14.3 lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine Twin Tub Compact Laundry Machine with Drain Pump

14.3 lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine Twin Tub Compact Laundry Machine with Drain Pump

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A washing machine is common in each household. Today we are pleased to recommend this ZOKOP XPB35-ZK35 14.3lb Elution Integrated Semi-automatic Gray Cover Washing Machine to you. This semi-automatic twin tube washing machine is an indispensable machine for your daily life. It can help you to wash dirty clothes quickly. With the first-grade material . it doesn't break your clothes during laundry. And it can keep your clothes as new! It is a very useful gadget for each household. Come to get one back home!

1. Mini and compact size with large power
2. Large washing bucket washing dewatering cylinder for its upgrade quality
3. New and high quality
4. Help to wash clothes quickly
5. 14.3(7.7 6.6) lb 240W rated washing capacity . it can wash a lot of clothes at the same time
6. Fine workmanship without noise
7. Washing and dehydration functions can be used at the same time
8. The drain pipe and inlet pipe are extended to 1.1M
9. Built-in drain pump drains dirty water by more longer drainage tube from washer.More easier . suitable for most family. Easy storage and space saving design.

1. Model: XPB35-ZK35
2. Power Supply: 110V/60Hz
3. Rated Washing Capacity: 7.7Lbs
4. Rated Spin Capacity:6.6Lbs
5. Rated Wash Input Power: 240W
6. Rated Spin Input Power: 120W
7. Total Power: 360W
8. Color: Gray
9. Dimensions: (22.83 x 14.72 x 26.38)" / (58 x 37.4 x 67)cm (L x W x H)
10. Weight: 11kg / 24.25lb
11. Material: Plastic
12. Plug Type: US Standard
13. Motor Speed: 1300rpm/mins

Package Includes:
1 x Washing Machine with Built-in Drain Pump
1 x Water Inlet
1 x Drain Pipe

Please Acknowledge Before Purchasing: The machine will be filled with water for quality testing before leaving the factory. Although it is wiped and dried . it is still difficult to avoid some residual water in individual machines. Please clean the machine as soon as you receive it and use it with confidence.

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